Book 1 – Kingdom Living

Using the Sermon on the Mount as the foundational background, Dr. Perkins begins to deal with the issues that all of us go through as human beings. Living in a world that has basically turned its back on doing things “decently and in order,” this book gives practical guidance to handling today’s situations, from discouragement (Poor in spirit) to death (Mourning) and all points in between. In this book, you will find information on:

  • Church Membership
  • Divorce
  • Finances
  • Forgiveness
  • Prayer
  • and Relationships.

If you’ve been looking for a practical guide to help you grow spiritually and better deal with the challenges of life, then “Principles of Kingdom Living – How to Live Right in a World Gone Wrong” can definitely be a blessing to you.

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What Others Are Saying About This Book:

“In these pages, Dr. Darrow Perkins, Jr. lifts us, challenges us, and equips us to apply principles of kingdom living. Just as he edifies saints around the world through his preaching ministry, this book will empower Christ followers around the world for generations to come. “

-Pastor David Anthony Clarke, Sr.
Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Warner Robins, GA

“I have been blessed to meet Dr. Darrow Perkins and to see him operate in ministry both from the preaching and teaching arena. I must humbly admit that he is one of the best kept secrets in San Diego, CA. and across this country. I’m impressed with his insight and sensitivity to how he has approached this new book entitled “Principles of Kingdom Living.” After reading his information, it is a blessing to have someone of his magnitude to write a book with a simplicity approach but yet at the same time his content has depth with a deepness of solid substance. This book has a wide range of information that every believer who is struggling with their purpose can read this book and if there are any unanswered [questions] to their dilemma, this book will help you to bring a fresh revelation to your uncertainties.”

-Dr. Emanuel Whipple, Sr.
Senior Pastor/Teacher, Calvary Baptist Church, San Diego, CA.

“Principles for Kingdom Living” depicts the full ministry of Dr. Perkins. From parenting to pastoring, from being a partner in marriage to preaching to the multitudes… I see Dr. Perkins as being “Kingdom minded”, and the success of his ministry demonstrates that. Consequently, this book is just a sample of the overflow from his Kingdom ministry. Read it and you will be blessed. Practice it and others around you will be blessed as well.”

-Dr. G. A. Williams
Pastor, Greater Victory Baptist Church, San Diego, CA

Moderator, Progressive Baptist District Association of Churches of Southern California


Book 2 – Which Church Are You?

Church today is nothing like it was when I was growing up in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana, during the 70s and 80s; and I understand that as times change, things change. One of the biggest changes that the church has gone through is the lack of commitment to its given mandate and ministries. There are so many distractions today that people tend to work God into their personal schedules, instead of working their schedules around God and His ministry.

This book addresses the challenges and issues of the seven churches of Asia Minor in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 and speaks how we can strive to be the church that Jesus is coming back to receive unto Himself.

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